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How Does Travel Insurance Help in Egypt Protests?

I was writing a blog post on the Egypt Protests and Travel Insurance when Sarah Schlichter from IndependentTraveler.com contacted me yesterday.

Sarah wrote her article far better than I could have, so take a look at IndependentTraveler.com article Egypt Protests: Can Travel Insurance Help?.

Here’s another tip. Sarah referred to contacting your travel suppliers to find out what they are doing. If what I am about to say seems like such, basic, obvious advice, that you wonder why I even bothered to waste space in this blog post, just trust me. Or skip this part completely.

Here’s my extra tip: Keep a log of the names of the people you speak with.

It never hurts to have that log. You may think that it doesn’t do any good, but many people can testify to the advantage of knowing who you spoke when you got advice on your trip.

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