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Honor The Price I Got From My Mistake

I took a call that started with:

I did a quote on TripInsuranceStore.com and got a price. When I clicked the purchase link to order it the price was nearly double! I want you to honor the first price I got.

At first I thought I was lucky enough to take this call. After all, if my quotes are wrong I’d want to know so I could fix it. I asked the lady if she still has the quotes open and she did. I then asked her to email them to me so I could figure out what was wrong and she did.

While I was waiting for the email I asked for her basic trip details again (ages, travel dates, per person trip cost). As soon as I get the quotes she emailed me I saw the problem: The quotes had their ages as 69 and 17, while their real ages were 69 and 67.

When I pointed out the age error, she said “I entered the ages correctly, so your system must have changed the age 67 to age 17 in order to fool me. This is bait and switch. I demand you honor the price I received.”

I talked with her some more. I had her re-do a quote with ages 69 & 67 and she got the same price as the order form gave her, but she insisted that I took control of her computer remotely and was manipulating the results she was seeing (she refused to believe me when I said I wasn’t doing this).

Then, her husband got on the phone: “My name is _______ . I’m a well-known attorney here in Boston. You can look me up online. I demand you honor the price on the first quotes we received. It’s not our fault your system must have changed the age 67 to age 17. If you don’t honor that price we will go to every online forum we can find and expose you.”

I patiently explained that they might reconsider that idea since he told me his name, I have their email address and phone number plus we have the phone call. However, if they chose to do that, I said make sure you spell my last name correctly. It’s d-a-s-s-e-o-s. That’s when they hung up on me.

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