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Do I Insure My Trip Value or What I Paid?


I have purchased our trip insurance several times over the past few years through TripInsuranceStore.com and have a question about amount of trip to cover for an upcoming trip this summer to Svalbard, Norway.

The original cost of the trip was $7260 pp. We got several discounts including early booking and past passenger bringing the cost down to $5384 pp. We also had some travel vouchers with same company that had been discounted after we booked. Those vouchers bring our final cost down to $1049 pp.

How much of the trip we should cover for insurance, the cost after the discounts but before applying the vouchers or the original cost of the trip? Thank you, Susan

Wow! That’s amazing you were able to reduce your trip cost down from $7260 pp to $1049 pp! Congratulations!

As for the trip insurance, you insure your actual out of pocket cost after reductions, vouchers & credits. In your case that’s about $1049 each.

And, I suggest you round your trip cost up to $1500 each because it’s the same price. The main benefit of you rounding your trip cost up to $1500 each is that you’ll have higher trip interruption benefits if you have to return home early for a covered reason.ok.

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