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Do I Have To Cancel My Trip If A Family Member Dies?

Barbara from St. Louis asks: I see that your travel insurance plans can cover me if a family member gets sick or dies. My question is do I have to cancel my trip if a family member dies? I don’t like my brother-in-law and while I’ll be sad for my sister when her husband dies, I wouldn’t cancel my trip over it.

Barbara, that’s a good question. The simple answer is “no, you don’t have to cancel your trip if your brother-in-law passes away”.

Along these lines, let’s say you all are in Europe and while crossing the street you don’t notice the cement truck that hits you. Thankfully, you will have travel insurance to cover your medical and emergency transportation expenses.

In many cases, getting hit by a cement truck will cause everyone in party to interrupt their trip and return home early.

However, if the rest of your family says “Mom, we love you and we’re sorry you got hit by a cement truck. But the fact of the matter is that when ask ourselves ‘when will we all come to Europe together again?’ What we’re saying is, we’re not interrupting our trip. Have a nice flight back to St. Louis.”

In this case, you’ll be reimbursed the unused value of your trip plus the cost of a one-way plane ticket up to your policy’s limit.

As you can see, having trip cancellation travel insurance gives you a lot of flexibility. Click here to compare travel insurance plans.

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