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Can Vitamin D Kill Human Cancer Cells?

Is This the New Silver Bullet for Cancer?
by Dr. Mercola

I take 4000 units of Vitamin D a day. My doctor says Vitamin D is one of the most important single supplements a person can take. I already knew I had a smart doctor, but I recently found out she also knows Dr. Mercola, so that’s another hidden benefit.

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Mercola’s article:

“Doctors have known that low levels of vitamin D are linked to certain kinds of cancers as well as to diabetes and asthma, but new research also shows that the vitamin can kill human cancer cells.

Researchers took human breast cancer cells and treated them with a potent form of vitamin D. Within a few days, half the cancer cells shriveled up and died.

The vitamin’s effects were even more dramatic on breast cancer cells injected into mice. After several weeks of treatment, the cancer tumors in the mice shrank by an average of more than 50 percent. Some tumors disappeared.

Similar results have been achieved on colon and prostate cancer tumors in mice.”

You can read the rest of Dr. Mercola’s article here.

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