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Does Flying Standby Cover Travel Delay?

Since I am flying standby because of employment with a major airline, I need to know if you have an insurance that would cover my cruise in case we keep getting bumped from our flights? I am not worried about insuring the air portion of the trip since it is little cost, but if I’m delayed I don’t want to lose the money I paid for the cruise. I am leaving so I can arrive at port 3 days early to try to cover this problem.

I’ve called some of the other online travel insurance websites and they said I’m covered. But I stumbled across TripInsuranceStore.com and you seem down-to-earth which is why I’m emailing you.

Thanks for writing. And for your kind words.

I’m sorry you were misled because the truth is “No, travel insurance doesn’t cover delays on space available or standby tickets”.

The reason that you won’t be covered is that technically you do not have fixed travel dates. Having fixed travel dates is one of the important components of a covered trip. Other important components are: traveling at least 100 – 150 miles from home (the plans’ rules vary), physically residing in the country you claim to reside for at least 6 months prior to buying a policy and being medically able to travel when you buy the policy.

Another type of travel that is not covered for trip delays is “Space A travel”.

Space-A travel is a means by which members of United States Uniformed Services (United States Military, reservists and retirees, United States Department of Defense civilian personnel (under certain circumstances), and these groups’ family members, are permitted to travel on aircraft under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Defense when excess capability allows.

I’m glad this man asked me. I know he had checked around, so hopefully whoever gave him the wrong advice put it in writing should he need it.

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