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Why Trip Insurance Limits Trip Cancellation Coverage

Hi Steve, Thanks for your call yesterday. Referring to the schedule of benefits, why does the pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver state coverage is up to a maximum of the first $50,000 of “Trip Cost”? Does that only refer to trip cancellation etc. Our trip will only cost $1,095 each. Where does it say they cover Medical Expenses? Why does it mention the words “Trip Cost” at all if the policy limit is $50,000? Argghh – why can’t I get my head around this? Liz

Hi Liz,

The $50,000 trip cost limit means the most this plan will reimburse you for if you cancel your trip, due to a pre-existing medical condition, is $50,000 of prepaid non-refundable trip costs.

This particular limit doesn’t affect you because, as you stated, your trip will only cost $1,095 each which is well below the $50,000 trip cost limit.

All travel insurance plans have a maximum limit they will pay when a pre-existing medical condition causes a trip cancellation. My plan limits are higher than most and range from $15,000 to $100,000 trip cost limits.

The reason the trip cost limits exist is because covering pre-existing medical conditions are already a greater risk to the travel insurance policy for no additional premium. The last thing they want is to have to pay a huge trip cancellation claim because one of their customers’ bunions gets infected and their doctor advises them to cancel their $65,450 trip.

In case you’re wondering if anyone ever takes trips that cost more than $50,000 a person, the answer is “yes”. TripInsuranceStore.com is the “go to” trip insurance website for travelers taking expensive trips.

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