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Why Do I Have To Supply A Non-Traveler’s Medical Records?

I didn’t buy trip insurance from you, but I need your advice: I had to cancel my cruise due to my father-in-law having surgery. I filled out my trip insurance plan’s claim forms. I just got a letter saying they want me to give them my father in law’s medical records. Why is this happening? I’m not the patient. Diane

Hi Diane,

The reason the insurance company wants to see your father-in-law’s medical records is to determine if he has a pre-existing medical condition. They need to find out if the condition he has existed during your policy’s Lookback Period. I can’t say if your policy includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.

A trip cancellation / trip interruption plan’s Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period is a period of usually up to 180 days prior to the travel insurance policy’s purchase date.

The Lookback Period defines whether or not a pre-existing medical condition exists. The person with the pre-existing medical condition has to be medically stable (each company defines this differently) when you get your insurance or the claim probably won’t be paid.

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