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Change Your Passwords

I’m sure you are well aware of all the data breaches that have taken place over the past years. In fact, on July 31, 2012, the GAO reported “Data breaches up 19%”.

Two simple steps to protect yourself:

  • Change Your Passwords. We use complicated passwords both for TripInsuranceStore.com and for our own personal use. To give you an example of what I mean by complicated, here’s a password I no longer use: Ds45*Po%bZ#rdJ^sq
  • Don’t save your credit card information with online merchants. Just because the credit card appears as “**** **** **** 1234”, the “****” ‘s are no guarantee that they are stored securely. For example, TripInsuranceStore.com doesn’t save credit card information. No one ever complains when we ask for their card information.

Next, it’s a good idea to use secure online storage to store the password list. I have my passwords saved in an password-protected Excel spreadsheet. I use DropBox for my online storage. I can access my DropBox folder from anywhere, too. DropBox is free and comes with 2 GB of storage.

I hope this helps you protect yourself.

I could give you a cheesy plug for how Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance from TripInsuranceStore.com is just like having strong passwords to protect you, but I won’t.

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