5 Deadly Foods for Dogs

by Steve Dasseos, The Trip Insurance Guru on August 5, 2009

Buddy We have a dog named Buddy. Buddy’s a Poodle – Bischon mix (I don’t know if Buddy’s a PooBee or a BeePoo).

Buddy’s the furry one in the lower left of center in the picture. And, no, that’s not a tree growing out of my head.

We don’t feed Buddy table scraps and partly because of that Buddy doesn’t beg when we’re eating. Buddy will sit and stare at you if you do have food, though.

We are especially careful to not give Buddy chocolate since we know that’s bad for dogs. But we don’t know what else is bad.

Thanks to Nicole McEwen’s article 5 Deadly Foods for Dogs, we now know that 4 other foods are bad for Buddy:

  • Xylitol (a sugar substitute)
  • Grapes / Raisins
  • Nutmeg
  • Avocados

You can get a lot of other good health tips at Health Bistro, too.

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