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When Do I have To Cancel My Trip If I Can’t Travel?

My Mother’s ill and I may need to cancel my cruise. Who do I contact first? The cruise line and cancel (if need be), or the insurance company? Since I have never done this before, I am not sure of the process and the order of the process. Thanks, Marlene

Hi Marlene,

You first call your travel suppliers & cancel the arrangements. Keep a log of who you talk to & be sure to get cancellation confirmation numbers or something similar for proof the cancellation was done.

If you delay canceling your trip too long from the date when you knew you can’t take your trip, it could result in less of a claim payout from your insurance. That’s because the cancellation penalties increase closer to your departure date. For example, if your close relative gets hit by a cement truck five weeks before your trip your cancellation penalties will probably be less than if you waited until the day before your cruise to cancel your cruise.

Next, call the travel insurance company and speak to their claims department to start the claims process. You’ll want to keep a log of who you talk to, too.

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