Moon Occults Venus on April 22, 2009

by Steve Dasseos, The Trip Insurance Guru on April 21, 2009

Don’t miss this celestial treat early Wednesday, April 22nd:

Early risers in North America are in for a treat on the morning of Wednesday, April 22nd, when the waning crescent Moon passes in front of the brilliant crescent Venus. Source: Sky & Telescope

The apparent path of Venus behind the Moon on April 22, 2009, depends on where you are. The local horizon is approximately downward; celestial north is to the upper left.

Observers in the western U.S. have an opportunity to see Venus perform a rare disappearing act. Known as an “occultation”, the event will occur as the Moon’s eastward orbital motion carries it in front of the silvery-white planet, temporarily hiding it from view. As seen from Los Angeles, Venus will disappear behind the crescent Moon during morning twilight at 05:06 PDT. The planet will reappear shortly before sunrise at 05:57 PDT.

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