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How To Creatively Find A Job

Surviving the Recession: Ditch the Job Search; Start a Problem Search
By Richard A. Smith

I know a few people who are looking for jobs. I even know people who, imho, ought to get a different job (but they’re not asking me for advice).

I haven’t had to look for a job since 1981. As an entrepreneur I’ve had to create my own jobs. Right now I have 8 different part-time jobs I do here at TripInsuranceStore.com.

Richard A. Smith’s advice makes perfect sense to me:

“While the end goal should always be to find lucrative and fulfilling work, your approach in the job market must be outwardly facing, not inward. Look for problems that you can solve for others, and that’s where the job offers will be waiting.”

You can read all of Richard’s article here.

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