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Don’t Wait 4 Months to go to The Doctor

I haven’t written on my Blog for 4 months because (although I didn’t know it at the time) I have been battling bronchitis. I thought I just had a cold that came and went. I chalked up being tired all the time, being in a daze and having the overall run-down feeling to working too much and sleeping too little (I don’t deny I work too much).

After 4 months of getting better and worse I decided to go to the doctor. She said I should have come in 3 – 1/2 months earlier! It turned out I had bronchitis with a severe bacterial infection in my lungs. I ended up with a few rounds of antibiotics: first Amoxicillin and then Levofloxacin. The Levofloxacin packs quite a punch. Plus, I have a steroid inhaler I am still using. Mucinex helps a lot, too.

That was really stupid to ignore it. Especially because I have since found out that there are a lot of infections that are not curable.

About the only good thing that came from being so sick for so long is that I got a chance to do some soul-searching. I have made and stuck with a few major personal changes. TripInsuranceStore.com is also getting some improvements to even be more useful to our wonderful clients. I’ll be announcing those over the next six months as they become available.

In the meantime, you can look forward to more detailed blog posts to help you navigate through the complicated trip cancellation travel insurance plan world.


Steve Dasseos

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