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Do Past Customers Get A Discount?

Steve, I’m a satisfied past customer, but like many people, I’m trying to spend my money wisely. So, do past customers get a discount? I’m asking because my travel agent said her travel insurance plans are discounted for past customers. Margaret

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, travel insurance prices are regulated by each State’s Insurance Department, so the prices for a particular policy are the same no matter where you buy it.

One reason to use a particular travel insurance agent over another is the service you get. Anyone can sell you a policy, but there’s no guarantee they’ll help you with it later. And as you’ve already found out, you get better advice from us, so that’s another reason to get your travel insurance from us.

As for your travel agent telling you her travel insurance plans are discounted for past customers, find out if she’s talking about a “real travel insurance plan”. There are many plans out there that imply they are travel insurance, but in reality they are not. I suspect if she’s telling you there are discounts it’s not a “real travel insurance plan”.

The phrase ‘travel insurance’ is used loosely causing people to assume all plans are essentially the same. Click here to learn more about “real travel insurance plans”.

Insurance is actually a legal term and it has certain understandings associated with it. Yet, many people in the travel business, who are not insurance agents, seem to apply the phrase a ‘travel insurance’ to every type of ‘protection plan’ and ‘waiver plan’.

Take a look at Chris Elliott’s article “6 tips to avoid travel insurance scams” for more information (I, Steve, am in this article, too).

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