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Airline Legal Minimum Connection Times

Worried about making a flight connection?

I routinely answer travel insurance questions on the Cruise Critic Message Boards. My id is “iamtrustworthy“. Here’s a summary of one I answered today:

I have a 27 minute layover in Atlanta, but the legal connection times for domestic to domestic flights is 55 minutes. My travel insurance plan will cover me if I miss my connection and cruise’s sailing, right?

I wrote: “Since the legal connection time for domestic to domestic flights is 55 minutes, then a travel insurance policy will not pay when the insured has only 27 minutes between flights.”

Most people are not aware of the legal connection times. They just assumed if the airline scheduled you for a short connection it was their responsibility.

Here’s why paying attention to the minimum connection times are important:

British Airways has announced it is extending the minimum connection times for flights at Heathrow Airport, due to the recent security scares at the site – it’s likely other airlines will follow British Airways’ move.

Now that you know how travel insurance works with the legal connection time, click here to find out what else is or isn’t covered.

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