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14 Smart Phone and Tablet Apps Dr Mercola Likes

Dr. Mercola recommends 14 Smart Phone and Tablet Apps.

But first: No, I didn’t get hit by that cement truck I talk about. Instead, thanks to the many friends of TripInsuranceStore.com Becky, Deanna & I have been very busy. In fact, I am working on adding another smart and pleasant associate here in the near future.

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Dr. Mercola starts his article with these money-savings hints on how to use the iPad:

“There is no question that for the foreseeable future the iPad will dominate the tablet market. Hopefully Android tablets will provide some competition down the road, but for now the iPad rules. If you haven’t purchased one, it is my suggestion to not purchase one with a wireless modem for several reasons. They cost $100 more, you need to pay monthly fees, and the current 3G connection is slow compared to 4G. So get the Wi-Fi version for $100 less. If you can afford more memory, go for it, if not, the base model at $499 is just fine.

One key to making the iPad a great tool is the speed of your connection, as many of the useful apps may be slow for some people to use at typical 3G speeds. So you can hook up to your home or office Wi-Fi, or when you are mobile you can hotspot into a phone that has 4G LTE. I got the first phone with the service from Verizon in March and it is extraordinary. I only use it when traveling but it is amazing. No more internet connection fees at hotels or airports.”

Next, he gives an detailed explanation of the 14 apps. Even though I’ve had an iPhone for 2 years I don’t have any of these apps, so I’ll be getting some of these. These apps range from fitness to news.

Click here to read Dr. Mercola’s 14 Smart Phone and Tablet Apps.

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